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A Free Story: The Gift

This story is from my collection, A Perfect Life and Other Stories. Seems appropriate for this time of year. Morning gleamed like a poem as fat snowflakes spiraled past my window. I like how snow silences the world, a cold compress salving the fevered pace of life. This was the first of the season. If […]


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In a Word: Endurance

I’m pretty bad at coming up with titles for my stories, but I love discovering the meaning of titles in other works so should use that as a lesson. One of my favorite books is A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra. The title is a little off-putting. Long, weird. It’s about the aftermath […]

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Opening Endurance

My wife once asked me what I like about writing. Depending on the day, like today as I struggle with a scene, I’d say not much. To describe writing as frustrating completely understates the feelings you have when you a) can’t think of what to write about, b) can’t remember that great idea you had […]

Silhouette of a woman

Last Endurance Excerpt #19

She worked the buttons, responding as Ani called out instructions. The ship slowed then stilled. Random items continued to ricochet around the bridge. Gravity was off. The red flashing lights switched to yellow. Whatever had breached was sealing itself. The life support siren quieted but echoed in Lyn’s head as she caught her breath, frustrated […]

Silhouette of a woman

Endurance Excerpt #18

As Lyn waited for Ani to get to the window, she heard from her first officer. “Franklin to the bridge.” “Randall here, Marc. Where are you?” “In my quarters.” His cabin was the farthest aft on the Bridge Deck, next to the muster area known as the Paddock. A loud thunk came through the link […]

Silhouette of a woman

Endurance Excerpt #17

That left manual backups, or Lyn’s mind link. Last resort, but with shipwide failures, it might not work anyway. She pulled herself along railings to the command seat and strapped in. The vibrations had stopped but she could feel every whip and lash as the ship yawed and spun. She lifted the manual console from […]

Endurance Excerpt #16

She crashed into the ceiling, like a vicious version of her brothers’ crack the whip. Or when her dad would twirl her in circles by her hands. Screaming with joy and mock fear. This was not fun. She’d trained for this, but it had been a long time and under controlled conditions. She pressed the […]

Endurance Excerpt #15

The story continues… The room spun. Her stomach heaved. She wiggled out of the tight bedding, a safety measure for just such circumstances, only to be flung across the room, slamming into her dresser. She grabbed for the railing circling the room and steadied herself. The ship shuddered. Her teeth chattered. Lights streaked by outside […]

Endurance Excerpt #14

For Pride month, I’m posting daily from the first chapter. Pre-order links below.  The story continues… It began with a low rumble intruding on a dream. Lyn stood at the edge of a high cliff as vibrations rattled her body before the ground suddenly fell away. She jolted awake to a brilliant flash filling her […]

Endurance Excerpt #13

For Pride month, I’m posting daily from the first chapter. Pre-order links below.  The story continues… In her quarters, she dashed off a note to her parents then opened a com link to the ship’s central computer. “How are you feeling tonight, Petra?” Lyn asked. The computer responded, “Good evening, Lyn. All systems are functioning […]

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