What if you were stranded. On a spaceship. 4.3 light year from Earth. With a hundred tourists. And you are the captain. Then things start to go wrong. Welcome aboard the Endurance. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime.

Book cover with title Endurance and showing the silhouette of a woman standing by a window with a view of Saturn and its rings.

Captain Lyn Randall of the Endurance has spent five years ferrying tourists around the solar system for Omara Tours. Now, as she takes in the rings of Saturn for the last time, she’s looking forward to retiring and indulging in simple pleasures like flying replica planes over her childhood home in Montana.
The routine tour becomes anything but routine when a mysterious phenomenon flings Endurance and two other ships into the Rigil Kentaurus system, four light years from Earth. Stranded, with no way to get back.
Lyn’s first duties are to rescue the survivors of the other ships before she faces the most daunting task of her life, much less her career. She must control her own fears and grief to lead her untested crew and panicked guests in a quest for a new home planet or risk a return to their own solar system that could kill them all. Unfortunately, Lyn’s past with a clandestine military mission gone wrong doesn’t sit will with some guests and crew members and they don’t quite trust her.
Diana Squires, rescued from another stranded vessel, grudgingly reveals her identity as the daughter of scientists who researched traversable wormholes. To complicate everything, Lyn develops an affection for Diana, something at odds with her responsibilities as captain and her unhealed grief over her own lost loved ones.
Feelings aside, suspicions aside, her own doubts about her ability to lead aside, Lyn must fight through everything to protect her passengers, her ship, and her heart.

Image with text Goldie Finalist and Golden Crown Literary Society

Mindancer Press
290 pp. ● 6×9
$17.95 (pb) ● $9.99 (eb)
ISBN 978-1-949290-85-1 (pb)
FICTION / Science Fiction / General
FICTION / LGBTQ+ / Lesbian
Publication Date: June 21, 2022
Distribution: Ingram

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  4. Jean Holmblad · · Reply

    Elaine, What a great start to an intriguing plot line! I love the multicultural characters! I love that the computer is named Petra. I really like the relationship between Lyn and Ani. Who is Tara? And what has happened to the ship??? This feels like a feministy Star Trek with a lot of heart. I hope lots of folks buy your book! Best wishes with it!

    1. Inquiring minds want to know, right? Thank you!

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