Endurance Excerpt #13

For Pride month, I’m posting daily from the first chapter. Pre-order links below. 

The story continues…

In her quarters, she dashed off a note to her parents then opened a com link to the ship’s central computer. “How are you feeling tonight, Petra?” Lyn asked.

The computer responded, “Good evening, Lyn. All systems are functioning well. And yourself?”

Lyn appreciated Petra’s personal approach. “Very well, thank you.” She listened while the computer ran through the various departments, noting topics to bring up at the next staff meeting. Lyn could mentally link with any system and perform her own diagnostic, but she enjoyed the conversational interaction.

When Petra finished, they wished each other a good night, and Lyn changed into a fresh suit, remembering to check the pockets before putting the old one in the Recyc-All. The downside of space travel was not being able to sleep nude, to feel the soft sheets. Her thoughts returned to Celeste Bratt. Maybe she would get in touch. Just drinks. Then again, if she returned to Earth permanently, a long-distance relationship wouldn’t make sense. But even thinking the word relationship was a hopeful sign. She switched off the light and fell asleep to Saturn’s glow through the window.

To be continued…

More about Endurance here.

If you like what you see, Endurance is now available for pre-orders of ebooks:


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