Endurance Excerpt #14

For Pride month, I’m posting daily from the first chapter. Pre-order links below. 

The story continues…

It began with a low rumble intruding on a dream. Lyn stood at the edge of a high cliff as vibrations rattled her body before the ground suddenly fell away. She jolted awake to a brilliant flash filling her cabin and the pressure of her blanket snapping tight. The bed shook her like a carnival ride. Not the bed, the room. Not the room, Endurance. Darkness, then the dim glow of emergency lights. Her lamp, toiletries, tablets, everything not locked down spun and swirled like leaves in a gale. A shriek of metal tearing, glass shattering. A high-pitched whine, metal under stress. It sounded like the ship was being torn open. A memory rushed of a tornado ripping the roof off the barn. Alarms whooped the shrill warning of hull breaches. She was immobilized by the bedding, facing the ceiling. It buckled and bent then sprang back into place. Instinctively she activated her suit and squirmed a hand out to flip the hood on. The soft faceplate stiffened and the suit sealed her in, applying pressure against any potential decompression. Gloves deployed from her cuffs. Red lights flashed, life support failing.

She opened a com link. “Captain to the bridge. What’s going on?” There was no response.

To be continued…

More about Endurance here.

If you like what you see, Endurance is now available for pre-orders of ebooks:


Barnes & Noble

Apple store




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