Endurance Excerpt #12

For Pride month, I’m posting daily from the first chapter. Pre-order links below. 

The story continues…

Lyn knew Ani loved piloting and had no interest in being a captain who also had to play host and judge dance-offs. “Then I still get to say I’ll miss you, but whatever you decide, I know you’ll be good at it.” She hadn’t told her crew this would be her last tour. It was a relief to know Ani had plans of her own, so she didn’t have to feel like she was abandoning her. One of the parts of her job she enjoyed most was mentoring younger staff.

“Well, with this crisis averted, I’ll return Control to you, Second.” She stood and Ani rose to switch seats.

Once off the bridge, Lyn’s mood settled. Rather than return to the Obs Lounge, she decided to make her rounds and turn in. She roamed the quiet hallways, deck by deck, making sure everything was shipshape. While she walked, she whispered, “Tara.” A woman appeared, visible only to Lyn. Not suited for space, she wore casual clothes, like she did back when they shared a home on brief leaves. Lyn mentally chatted, told her about her day, how it felt to be back near Enceladus. Not as terrifying as she’d thought. Tara didn’t say anything, her quiet presence was all Lyn needed.

To be continued…

More about Endurance here.

If you like what you see, Endurance is now available for pre-orders of ebooks:


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