Endurance Excerpt #16

She crashed into the ceiling, like a vicious version of her brothers’ crack the whip. Or when her dad would twirl her in circles by her hands. Screaming with joy and mock fear. This was not fun. She’d trained for this, but it had been a long time and under controlled conditions. She pressed the door switch. It didn’t budge. She flipped the manual release.

“Petra,” she said, connecting to the ship itself. “Status report.”

“Forces from an unknown source are altering our momentum and trajectory,” Petra answered. “We have lost attitudinal control. I’m sorry, but I can’t be more specific at this time. I’m not able to access the required systems.”

That was disturbing. Lyn braced her feet against the wall and heaved on the door. The ship vibrated up her legs. The door slid in a stutter, wide enough for her to squeeze through. The bridge was dark except for lights from the walkways and instrument panels. Ani, suspended and tumbling, flailed to corral an unconscious Ghez. Lyn joined her, batting away loose debris. Together they zipped nir helmet into place and strapped nem to the navigator’s seat. She opened a link. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Ani responded. She dodged a flying chunk of metal. “Controls are down.”

To be continued…

More about Endurance here.

If you like what you see, Endurance is now available for pre-orders of ebooks:


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