Last Endurance Excerpt #19

Book cover with title Endurance and showing the silhouette of a woman standing by a window with a view of Saturn and its rings.
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She worked the buttons, responding as Ani called out instructions. The ship slowed then stilled. Random items continued to ricochet around the bridge. Gravity was off. The red flashing lights switched to yellow. Whatever had breached was sealing itself. The life support siren quieted but echoed in Lyn’s head as she caught her breath, frustrated by the darkness and no visibility to the outside.

“Where are we? I can’t tell,” Lyn said.

“I can’t either,” Ani replied. “I’m on the other side now, in the conference room. I don’t see Saturn, so unless it’s dead ahead, we’re okay.”

“Small comfort.” How hard would it have been to put a window in the front of this bucket, she lamented to herself. “What can you see out there?”

“A whole lot of stars,” Ani said quietly. “But, Captain, everything seems . . . off. I can’t see any moons or rings.”

She hadn’t said it like they were simply turned away from the planet. What the hell were they dealing with?

The story continues…

More about Endurance here.

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